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Who are we? What do we do?


The Message? Real Estate is The Best Business in the World!

There are millions of people unemployed or underemployed. Many who have jobs feel unappreciated and are underpaid.

There are a LOT of people looking for a better life. Are you one of them? You are if you registered on the careerbuilder site to attend a Career Opportunity Presentation at your local Keller Williams Market Center.

You need three things to be successful in real estate:

    1. A Broker to sponsor you
    2. Real estate courses for your license exam
    3. Desire

We provide the courses you need. Keller Williams provides the training you need. You provide the desire.

The Institute of Real Estate is the national portal for The Austin Institute of Real Estate (, a twenty-five year old real estate education company headquartered in Austin, Texas and doing business in 17 states nationally.

We partnered with OnCourse Learning, a state-approved education provider to offer high-quality online real estate licensing courses with very high pass rates that can be taken 24/7 from any computer or mobile device anywhere, any time. Online courses are the fastest, easiest, most inexpensive method to obtain a real estate license as there is no travel, gas, meals or traffic to contend with.

What we do

Something no one else does: provide you with a one-stop seamless integration into The Best Business in the World with The Best Real Estate Company in the World!

Here is what most real state schools won’t tell you: You license guarantees you NOTHING!
The information in the pre-licensing courses is important to know and you need it to pass the state licensing exam, but no one has ever asked the difference between accretion and erosion. The key is to get licensed and then get to your local Keller Williams office as soon as you can where the real training starts. Training is the biggest difference between the average agent andthe top producer and Keller Williams has recently been named the #2 training company in the world by Training Magazine.

So you get it all in one stop:

      1. An invitation to a Career Presentation
      2. Online real courses for licensure
      3. The best real estate training company in the world

Congratulations on taking the first step: conducting Market Research to see if real estate might be a fit for you! When you attend your Career Presentation at Keller Williams Realty, they will explain the entire process, answer any and all questions you may have and show you what to do next.

Good luck in your business!

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